Sunday, September 2, 2012

St. Augustine brief quotes on Mary's Dormition and Assumption

Hi there, I'd like to put up two quotes on the Our Lady's Dormition from St. Augustine. I found this from a certain Deacon on Facebook. I'm not sure if he was Catholic or Eastern Orthodox, or otherwise. But here they are!

"For being born of a mother who, although she conceived without being touched by man and always remained thus untouched, in virginity conceiving, in virginity bringing forth, in virginity dying, had nevertheless been espoused to a handicraftsman, He extinguished all the inflated pride of carnal nobility" (On the Catechizing of the Uninstructed)

This quote comes from a catechesis of St. Augustine's given to a certain Deogratias (perhaps the Deacon Deogratias at Carthage addressed in 406 AD by St. Augustine in his letters) on how to teach the Nicene Creed. St. Augustine goes into a large array of talks about the Catholic faith, affirming Mary's perpetual virginity, and dormition (her dying). It's thought by those at that this work was written in 403 AD. I've not yet read this document but it looks promising. Not to be confused with On the Creed: A sermon to Catechumens.

The second quote comes from the Tractates on the Gospel of John in the parts on John 2:1-4.

St. Augustine goes to explain John 2:1-4 where the St. John under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit says that the mother of Jesus was present with Jesus at the wedding of Cana, but Jesus mysteriously calls Mary woman instead of mother. St. Augustine is able to provide multiple accounts where the Gospels speak of Mary as the mother of Jesus, but he is able to speak to the manner in which Jesus is man and God with great oratorial and exegetical skill. Anyway the phrase is here:

"There was there near the cross the mother of Jesus; and Jesus says to His mother, Woman, behold your son! And to the disciple, Behold your mother! He commends His mother to the care of the disciple; commends His mother, as about to die before her, and to rise again before her death."

Well. There you have it. St. Augustine who believed that Mary was totally sinless (said in On Grace and Nature, I believe) died prior to her Assumption into Heaven. Jesus did not have original sin but He died. So then the Virgin Mary who did not have original sin, fell asleep in the Lord, died, and was raised body and soul into Heaven by God.

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