Sunday, October 30, 2011


I apologize dear readers for lack of any juicy remarks here on the blog. I've been cramming for a mega midterm in my mathematics course and had to also take a look at some remarks in St. Augustine's De Trinitate against a person who seemed to think that St. Augustine holds a Nestorian Christology (Without recourse to the Latin, but recourse to English translations, I am thoroughly convinced that he does not! He also cannot be called an Apollinarian or a monothelite.)

My hope is that you dear readers will take up reading St. Augustine's works (right now I am progressing through St. Augustine's Against the Academicians).

And so the faith continues....

Monday, October 24, 2011

Remarks on our selected painting above

Hello avid readers!
In case you are wondering, hmm, I wonder why the blogger of this blog chose to use that picture of the artist Botticelli? And what is it a picture of?

I will relate to you the purpose of the painting perhaps in part, though I will try not to use a thousand words here.

Posts to come soon

Hello avid readers,
I would just like to give you a heads up on posts to come. I hope to soon make a few posts on an early work of St. Augustine written prior to his baptism and after his retreat from teaching rhetoric [those works that come from his retirement to Cassisiacum] titled Against the Academicians. Within this work we will likely tackle some thoughts of St. Augustine on the virtue of studying philosophy, some early remarks on leading the happy life, and the errors of the New Academy. The Academics then were a new philosophical school that emphasizes a form of skepticism thought to come from Plato that relates to his earlier works that seem to end with little philosophical conclusion. Similarly we will find some of St. Augustine's early thoughts on knowledge, neo-Platonism, Christianity, and his doctrine of divine illumination. Of course there is more in store as well.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Life of St. Augustine, Ascension to the Episcopate

I intend this article to address who it is that St. Augustine is, his history, a broad look at his works, and the influence that he has made on Christian theology and philosophy at large. Largely I will make use of secondary literature to address these topics, though from time to time I will make comments of my own regarding the saint.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Blog, maiden voyage

Well here's the beginning of a new blog by me. I wanted to devote this blog to the works and thought of St. Augustine, that great and noble saint of the Church. But perhaps not only to capture his theology and philosophy but also that restlessness of the heart that longs for God, that cannot find rest until it rests in God Himself. I aim to read the works of St. Augustine in the hopes of being able to long for God Who Is Love just as he strove for Him.