Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Absurdity of the Pro-Abortion Movement and the Dignity of the Human Person

St. Augustine much in his life spoke out against the vices and evils of his time, whether it be the terrible schism of the Donatists from the holy Church, the errors of the Manicheans, the corruption of the Roman state, or simply those that lie in his and many other peoples live, and if we aim to follow in his footsteps we must do much the same. The Catholic Church speaks out sharply against the sin of abortion, and threatens automatic excommunication for anyone who willingly participates or assists in an abortion. The Church knows deep in her heart by the reflection of what she has received from her Bridegroom, Christ, that abortion necessarily entails the murder of a person with an eternal soul, fastened and created by the Lord at conception. The reasons are simple then why abortion is wrong; the reasons against it are quite convoluted so as to distract us from the real evil of murdering our innocent children. Here I will begin to try and shed some light on some of the reasons why abortion is an unjust deed, the arguments will come from Christianity and right reason.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Reading the Psalms with St. Augustine: Psalm 2

It has been quite some time since my last posting on the Psalms, the beautiful collection of hymns and prophecies. In the early Church the Psalms were one of the most profound works considered by the holy Doctors and Fathers, and indeed if any of us want to learn more about St. Augustine or more about the Church or more about our Lord, then we must start by being firmly rooted in Scripture. And so we must again come to reflect on the Psalms, but let us do so through the lens and teaching of St. Augustine, for he is a Doctor of the Church who’s theology comes so strongly from his own study of Scripture and his reflection on the traditions of the Church passed down to him through St. Ambrose and his brother bishops. The words of St. Augustine will come from his Enarrations on the Psalms, which can be found on New Advent.

Here then let us look to the Psalm first, reflect on it that God might enlighten us, and listen to the wisdom of St. Augustine who was lifted up by God, and come again to rest on what the Lord speaks in the Scriptures.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Humorous Jokes

Hello good readers,
I wanted to make a post about putting up some jokes that I've enjoyed in the past few days. Many of them are quite childish or silly jokes, which I find to be the best sorts of jokes. I am not a fan of crude jokes, though sometimes I admit that I will laugh at them. I have been thinking of making some posts lately, but I have been very busy, and I have wondered myself at how un-intellectual or holy I am to make many of my posts. I am probably very open to ridicule by many, but I know that I too am a man, ignorant and weak as I am, and that the shared humanity that all men have is something that exalts us and grants us purpose. Our proper resting place transcends us and lies in God who so desired to show us that our place is not on this Earth that He chose to become man united to Himself (man and God). So let us in the spirit of friendship share some good jokes, rejoicing in the love of life, especially in hope of the one to come.

Now then, let's have some jokes! :-)