Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Augustine: The Decline of the Roman Empire

Hi all you Augustinians out there! I thought I would write a brief post regarding a film that is being pushed around, called "Restless Heart" by Ignatius Press. It's a film about St. Augustine, which was directed by Christian Duguay, a Canadian director, who filmed the television movie, "Augustine: The Decline of the Roman Empire", for Italian television. It was filmed as a two part mini series and has been released with English and Spanish dub. The film was filmed in Tunisia, near Hippo-Regius, or so I read.

It's a great film. And I highly recommend it. It dramatizes some aspects of St. Augustine's life and stays pretty faithful to the autobiographical and historical information that we have, though perhaps there is some element of creativity. I'll try and write a full review of the film as I watch it again through Youtube.

The film itself (in Spanish):
Sorry the audio is a bit off on some of these films. The version I saw wasn't as distracting :-(.

Augustine: The decline of the Roman Empire (part 1) [Spanish]
Augustine: The Decline of the Roman Empire (part 2) [in Spanish]
Movie Review: [Coming soon!]

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