Monday, April 23, 2012

Facebook's calling?

So I keep getting posts on the sidebar in my Facebook account that are pretty much asking me to become a monk of some sort. While it is a desirable state in life (I'll be writing about the Carthusians soon, hopefully, if God permits), I find it amusing that Facebook is trying to advertise, my usage of it through calling me to abandon it. Amusing. That's probably not amusing to you all, but it is to me.

Sorry for the non-substantial post, but sometimes it's good to get away from the intellectualism a bit.

One was an add to join an Eastern Orthodox monastery, the other to join a Franciscan monastery.

Well, I'm just amused at Facebook, perhaps it wants me to become a monk and abandon it? Or subvert my calling and use Facebook anyway? [Chuckle] Amusing. :-)

Enjoy your Monday everybody!

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