Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Great posts from Dr. Lilles on the life of Prayer

Those who've been reading my posts may see that I try to put a big emphasis on the need for prayer in the Christian life. It is most important for salvation, and no doubt for those who want to study theology, they must strive vigorously for their salvation in Christ. Who would want to be lead by a theologian who does not have Heaven and God's love as his aim?

Anyway I wanted to provide some links to great essays written by Dr. Lilles over at his blog:
Beginning to Pray

I could spend quite a few length of space telling you how great his blog is, and how insightful his thoughts and teachings are on prayer. Prayer is the fruit and joy of a loving relationship with God. I hope that you join me then in reading about how to pray better, and like me, start at the beginning in trying to learn how to pray.

Here are some links to some of his recent great essays:

And another important issue at the heart of the issue why I wanted to study St. Augustine more thoroughly is the issue of contemplation before any theology can be studied:
Contemplation of Truth and Study of Theology

My warmest regards to all those who are just beginning to pray (know that I am in your ranks too!)
God bless.

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